Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I spent a good part of my morning yesterday planning out the rest of my posts for the week. As soon as I sat down to write today's though I realized that I had an idea and no content. My brain is donzo you guys, checked the f out. Plus I'm writing this as I'm watching Dance Moms and priorities are priorities - #sorryimnotsorry. 
In lieu of my normal wordy blabbering I'm gonna keep it simple & random today. I found this smoothie recipe somewhere on the interweb but uh, I forget where. I took a screen shot of the ingredients and cut off the address - maybe that's a good thing because hole eeeeeeeSHIT, blech, gross, yuk, barf, DEEEESGUSTING! 
kale, greek yogurt, orange + the zest, lemon juice, banana & a plum
looks amazing right!? Well it wasn't. At. All. 
I had to go brush my teeth after 1 sip because I couldn't stop gagging.

at least I did a decent job painting my nails
I couldn't decide if I liked the stripes so... 
I did this but I think I like the stripes now. 
*I hate that I took the pics in different rooms w/different lighting. 
Essie// Haute as Hello
Maybelline Color Show// Orange Fix
Pure Ice// Home Run
Sinful Colors// Strapped

& one I forgot to post last week or the week before? 
Ulta//Mint Condition
Pure Ice//Get Low
WnW// Visually Slimming

& last but not least, I need to share 2 of my new favorite things! 
Taylor over at The Daily Tay suggested the Suave Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Spray as a cuticle softener moisturizer & it's pretty legit! It doesn't feel greasy & smells amazing. 
The star of the show though, my new #1, absolute favorite is the Earth Therapeutics foot peel. I FREAKING LOVE THIS STUFF. I swear it's magic. It's gross magic because your dry skin literally rubs off as you massage it in but it's magic nonetheless. I bet if you closed your eyes and I rubbed my feet on your face you'd think I was rubbing a baby's butt on it. Seriously. ;) 

Annnd on the note, I'm out. See ya tomorrow and word to ya mom. 

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  1. Oh I'm morbidly curious about that foot peel now!!

    1. I'm seriously in LOVE. And it's only $9 at Ulta (but I had a coupon for $3.50 off holler!)