Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'll sad/ happy/ winky face wherever I want!

Guess I'm a little tardy for the weekend recap party but that's because my weekend 
was super lame. I had to work ALL WEEKENDI guess if I had to pick, these would be the top (only) 2 significant happenings since Friday...

1. Churn (again) 
And I found my new favorite thing. If ice cream could be my soul mate then their peanut butter ice cream would be. No talking. I'm having a moment. 

2. I watched one of my bitchy cranky co-workers almost have an aneurysm 
over something SO F*CKING STUPID I did. (mwahahaha) I drew a sad face about the size of a nickel, on a white board in one of the "staff only" rooms. That was Friday. Saturday I walked in to the assistant manager's office for our morning meeting where this B looks like she's about to angry cry because a sad face is "unprofessional."
I'm not even joking. I didn't know whether I was trying to keep from laugh crying or angry crying myself. UNprofessional? Ok. This is a place where people talk shit about customers IN FRONT OF other customers, where it's acceptable for a manager to blatantly make fun of an employee TO OTHER EMPLOYEES and where F bombs are thrown no matter who is around. It's so professional that bright blue/pink/yellow/purple hair and multiple facial piercings are so common you'd think it was 1997- but two dots and a parenthesis could severely damage our image - as professionals. 
What planet am I on that being a cry baby, CeeUNextTuesday is acceptable but using emoticons is a crime?!

BTW, I'm not even mad. If this had happened a few weeks ago I would've tried to quit again but now the levels of ridiculousness are so staggering I'm just in awe.

So yeah - that was my weekend. Awesome right? I'm having my own weekend now and it consists of staying up SO late! taking naps, mani's and pedi's (compliments of myself) and online shopping.

Also, yesterday day was my boo Sara's birthday and I found the PURRFECT gift for her (online shopping y'all) and I'm super excited to get it and send it to her. And I love her and I miss her and I wish she would come home to visit me like now and I hope this is her best birthday so far! 

Hope everyone else had only a marginally better weekend than mine! ;)
(Good thing I'm winky facing in my own space.)

Dateless in Dallas

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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! love you so much boo! cant wait for my gifty gift!! it was totes my best birfday. ill come visit in the fall or winter cuz you KNOW i cant handle dat heat no mo. (also talked to the bf about coming too and hes down so i just need my parents to be there) #holla. i cant believe that about the sad face. thats just redic. the closest thing i have to that ice cream, is ben and jerrys everything but the kitchen sink and its guud. p.s. can we go there when im in town? kthanksLOVEYOUBYEEEEEEEEE. OXOXOX

    1. BEST NEWS EVER! (Even though we don't have an official date) but I'm going to start planning now, k? good. Churn is obviously happening because by then it will probably be a daily staple. :D I just ordered your present - it's coming to me first though. Maybe because I need to see it in person and maybe because I ordered myself something from the same place. (how bratty! haha)

  2. "What planet am I on that being a cry baby, CeeUNextTuesday is totes acceptable but using emoticons is a crime?!" I mean SURRIOUSLY... who the hell gets their panties in a twist about that?! Bitch needs to be tranquilized.

    1. I seriously just choked on my own spit. She does need to be tranquilized. Orrr fired. For having perma stank face which, in my opinion is way more unprofesh.