Monday, July 21, 2014

#SOF214 aka #SummerTimeRadness

So, ya know how yesterday I said that summer is happening in a big way? Well I meant it. I've been running around like a maniac every weekend since the beginning of May (literally EVERY weekend) which for a long time just wasn't my thing but I'm loving it and I'm good at it. I'd forgotten how good at it I really am. I'd also forgotten that the best part of being wild and free are new friends, new ideas, new inspiration and a whole lotta motivation.  
When I started yesterday's post (months ago) I was in the process of figuring out how I would fit in Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Vegas and Vermont all before the end of the year  buuuuuut shit happened and now I'm going to New York instead. I know you might be thinking 
"Wait, WHAT? Did you just admit to willingly trading adventures in far away lands for... New York City?" 
Yeah I did. See, I'm trying this new thing called "Looking at The Bigger Picture" where I focus on permanence vs temporary, as far as my happiness and the future are concerned. I could explain I guess but if you haven't noticed I'm not a fan of giving away too much too soon. Saying shit out loud is one thing but putting it in writing is only tempting fate and I'm way, way too set on my plans to jinx them. Plus, it would just be inviting a lot of questions that I'm not ready or able to answer yet. 
What I will say is this, I'm leaving soon and I'll be gone for awhile. Possibly AlongWHILE. 
That's actually not the point of this post though. The point is summer. Yay SUMMER. 
Here are some of my favorite days & nights so far. 

The kids welcomed me home from S.A.

& then I left again... 
 Road Trip to L.A. with The Iris

Girl Dates


The mornings after...

Big Fish Creative's Open House 

 Memorial Day 

 my first Murder Mystery 

L.A. again... with Mel this time 

& that's all I got so far. 
Summer's not even close to being over though... 

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